Jingle Bells Bangle                                          Jingle Bells Bracelet                                  Jingle Bells Anklet 

   ♥Amethyst Jingle Bangle             Jingle Bells & Stars             18K Gold Plated Jingle Bangle           Jingle Bells Anklet

Danita Apple offers unique baby jewelry and handcrafted personalized pieces that are simple, cute & modern. Our magical collection includes anklets, bracelets, bangles for baby, toddler, children and mommy.

The history behind the Cambodian Jingle Bells Anklets: These anklets have been welcoming gifts from Cambodian familes for hundreds of years. As a tradition, families would grace the feet of their babies with gold or silver anklets attached with miniature bells. It was believed that the dainty jingling sound from the bells would protect young children by warding off bad spirits. 

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